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The blue domes themselves can be found in the form of the Anastasi Church on an unnamed road. This ecclesiastical building has been famous by the blue cupolas that crown the whitewashed walls and can be reached if you turn left down the pathway just before Patisserie Medevio on the road of Nik. Nomikou. How to take photos of Oia, Greece The famous Santorini blue dome churches in Oia Santorini The classic postcard shot of three blue domes is actually composed of two churches built next to each other. Agios Spiridonas and Anasteseos Church in Oia, Santorini So, you are after the churches of Agios Spiridonas (Saint Spyridon) and Anasteseos (the Church of the Holy Resurrection).

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If you want to visit some of the lesser-known but equally charming blue domes of Santorini, then the Holy Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior Pyrgos Kallistis is a great place to start. This church is located in Pyrgos, a traditional village that was once the capital of Santorini. The most photographed Santorini blue domes churches are located in Oia and are the churches of Agios Spiridonas (Saint Spyridon) and Anasteseos (the Church of the Resurrection). Both are built at the edge of the cliffs right next to one another.

Location: Oia Standing side by side on the picturesque caldera cliffside & overlooking the Aegean Sea, the blue-domed churches of Oia are easy to spot & they have been captured countless times, as one of the most charming landmarks in Oia. Travel · May 7, 2017 When my wife and I were honeymooning in Santorini, we knew that we had to take that picture of the famous 3 blue domes. Yes, Santorini has dozens of blue-domed churches, but there's only ONE place where you can take that famous picture you see on virtually every Santorini postcard. You know the one I'm talking about:

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Here is a list of the top 5 Blue Domed Churches in Santorini. 1. Panagia Platsani. Intro Attraction Info Tickets / Hours Directions / Map This Holy Church in Oia is dedicated to the Akathist Hymn of the Virgin Mary. The front courtyard and village square is the point of annual celebrations such as Easter and occasionally a wedding. Where are the blue domes in Greece? A quick Google search filled in my lack of geographical knowledge. Blue-domed churches can actually be found all over the Greek islands, but the ones I was looking for were on the island of Santorini, in a town called Oia (pronounced EE-ah).

In fact, there are tens of churches built with the distinguishing Santorini Blue Domes. Here are seven you definitely need to include in your must-visit list: 1. Agioi Theodoroi Church (Saints Theodore Church) Photos of this particular church have been traveling around the world for decades. It has the famous Santorini blue dome, the picturesque triple bellcote and one of the most amazing Santorini views as a backdrop. It's the Catholic church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and was built in 1757. When I visited for sunset it was very quiet, with only around 15 people there to enjoy the spectacle.

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The blue domed churches of Santorini are an iconic image of the island; Santorini is pretty well known for its little churches and chapels with the painted arches and blue domes. The combination of the lively blue and striking white is amazingly stunning in Santorini. Blue dome church by marcelgermain If you are planning a trip to Greece, Here are 7 interesting facts The Blue Domed Church In Santorini, Greece 1. The blue dome churches are built on the slope of the caldera The island of Santorini was built up by layers of lava. Major volcanic eruptions formed overlapping calderas (collapsed magma chambers).

Amazing Santorini - Full-Day Private Tour 34 Recommended Bus Tours from $448.45 per adult (price varies by group size) Santorini Must-See Highlights: Private Sightseeing Tour 9 Bus Tours from $234.32 per adult (price varies by group size) 6 hours Private Full Santorini Highlights 3 Bus Tours from $728.74 per group (up to 13) The blue-domed churches in Santorini are famous for their classic Cycladic architecture and the sharp color contrast. Amidst the white washed walls, the deeply blue colored domes offer a surprising pop.

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The most well-known blue domed churches of Santorini are: Santorini Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral: Built in 1827, and the largest church in Santorini. This church dominates the centre of Fira, with its large white dome visible from all directions. The iconic blue domed church that perfectly matches the blue sky with a backdrop of Santorini's caldera in the Aegean Sea. You know the one. For most people, viewing that picture brings delightful visions of an idyllic Greek vacation, dressed in a pressed linen dress, sipping wine with a handsome stranger.