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Doing lighting circuits entirely in 12 awg is unnecessary in the age of LED lighting while increasing cost (more expensive wire, larger junction boxes) and 14 awg is much easier to work with at the fixtures and switch boxes. Definitely make sure to leave a note at the panel though. - statueuphemism Jan 26, 2020 at 17:02 · #2 · Mar 12, 2012 you can run wire above code minimums without issue, but your capacity on the circuit is related to the smallest conductor on the circuit. Sounds like you have determined this is not an issue for you, and you might save a few bucks by using material you have in stock vs buy a new roll of wire when you only needed a few feet.

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The answer is yes, you can do it. The 14/2 is suitable for a 15 amp circuit. But it cannot work with a 20 amp circuit where 12/2 can suit both the amperages. Simply put, you may have a combination of 15 and 20 amp circuits at home. Getting up to 60 feet to 120 feet, 12/2 wires would benefit you. You can mix both 12 and 14 gauge in a circuit if you are planning to prevent overloading and overheating. But ensure that the circuit is a 15 amp-rated circuit rather than 20 amp. Otherwise, 14 gauge wire is not the right sized wire for a 20 amp-rated circuit. By Nusrat Sabrin.

You should only mix 12 and 14-gauge wires in the same circuit if the load is at most 15 Amps. The maximum load capacity of 12 Gauge wire is 20 Amps, whereas that of 14 gauge wire is 15 Amps. So, If you overload the wires, it can lead to overheating, melting, explosion, and serious fire hazards. You may add two same gauges, like 12/2 and 12/3. The four outlets leading from the breaker box are 12 gauge, then the remaining 4 are wired with 14 gauge. The 14 gauge is at the latter half of the line up. We put a 15 amp breaker on it all, but were told by another electrician that we could use a 20 amp since the 14 gauge was so far down the line. Is this correct? And would we pass an inspection?

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50' of 12ga 12-2 direct bury wire will be about $30 (the 14ga wire you have is rated for direct bury, right?). If you us the 14ga wire, you'll have to downgrade the breaker to a 15A at a cost of about $4. So it will cost you an extra $26 to run the 12ga. Considering the work to bury & install 50' of wire, this seems trivial. Your breaker must be sized for the smallest wire in the circuit, if you install 14 gauge to the cans you must use a 15 amp breaker. Reply Save Like R ryan5068 Discussion Starter · #3 · Feb 25, 2011 Ok so i can do that though use 14/2 but I just need a 15 amp breaker? That is easy enough to do. Thanks Reply Save Like D Do It Right

Most often found in residential applications, 12 2 wire handles lower electrical loads like those required by household electrical items like lights, alarm clocks, and refrigerators. A good rule of thumb is that if the outlet is a run-of-the-mill two- or three-hole outlet like one of these, it's been wired with 12 2 wires. 12 2 Wire. You can use a 12-gauge wire up to 70 feet on a circuit that has 15 amps. That distance decreases when you run a 12-gauge wire on a 20-amp circuit. Moreover, the thickness of a 12 wire happens to be 26 percent thicker than a 14 (AWG) wire. The rule of thumb is that the thinner the wire, the greater the number of wires you can combine.

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The 12/2 Wire These are two current-carrying conductor electric wires. They contain white (Neutral) hot and black hot wires. Typically the 12/2 wire has a larger diameter than the 14/2 wires, with a difference of 2.5mm. Do not use 12/2 wires for high voltage connections (not exceeding 30 volts). 3,408 satisfied customers. Had a code question regarding the legality of mixing 14/2. Hello again Kevin!Had a code question regarding the legality of mixing 14/2 and 12/2 on a dedicated 15A breaker exclusively for lighting.My detached garage has existing lighting wired using 12/2. (Bec. read more. Keep in mind this thickness is for each individual wire in a 12 or 14 gauge wire. When you buy wire it will say 12/2, 12/3, 14/2 or 14/3. The first number is the gauge of each wire while the second number is how many hot wires are in the sheathing. 12/2 wire has two 12 gauge hot wires and a ground. 12/3 wire has three 12 gauge hot wires and a.


Can I mix 12 and 14 gauge wire? The amp capacity for a 12 gauge wire is 20 amps whereas a 14 gauge wire is 15 amps. Even though you can technically use 14 gauge wires on 20 amps, it is really not recommended. How many lights can you put on 14 gauge wires? You can load up to 2400 watts onto a 14 gauge wiring for a 120-volt circuit.