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Logo for high traffic football rankings website. Gold package. We are a website that ranks global football/soccer leagues and teams and other data points associated with the sport. 92. entries. 2. designers. Winner. C'est la vie literally means "this is the life" in French, taken as "that's life." Found in French well before, the expression was borrowed into English by the 1880s. While modern French speakers certainly understand the phrase, c'est la vie is especially common among English speakers, used either as a handy or fancy way to say "That's life!" especially in the face of minor.

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c'est la vie: [French phrase] that's life : that's how things happen. C'est La Vie Songs. With a phrase as popular as c'est la vie, it's no surprise you can find it throughout pop culture. From songs to book titles to movies, you've probably seen the phrase c'est la vie in more than one place.. There are actually a few different songs titled C'est La Vie.In the English-speaking world, the most famous is probably C'est La Vie by Irish girl group B.

In some situations, the phrase might seem empowering. For instance, an older, wiser French speaker may try to make you feel better by telling you to accept things you cannot change and move on simply by saying c'est la vie.. Therefore, c'est la vie can be negative, but sometimes just an observational phrase (similar in tone to French proverbs) that helps you handle difficult situations. In French, C'est la vie can also be used non-fatalistically. As such, the emphasis is on the presentative c'est introducing la vie and the idea that we're talking about something that's essential to life or a particular way of life, as in: L'eau, c'est la vie. > Water is life. C'est la vie de famille qui me manque. > It's family life that I miss.

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C'est la vie is an idiomatic expression meaning "that is how life is," or simply "that's life.". It can be used either as a single sentence as well as a subordinate clause. The most obvious translation of c'est la vie at's life" (c'est - that's, la vie - life), and the statement is commonly used when confronted with. C est La Vie Logo Sweatshirt. Search by city or postcode Or find your local store Search Style Notes Say it in style with this statement print. A sophisticated take on the slogan sweatshirt, this versatile piece features the French phrase for 'that's life', set against a classic navy hue. Mix it up by teaming with a leather mini skirt for.

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The expression is c'est la vie, c'est la guerre, c'est la pomme de terre which, when translated literally, means "that's life, that's war, that's the potato". This is just a longer way of saying c'est la vie. The origin of such a silly expression is likely hard to trace, but it probably has something to do with the fact that. Según lo mencionado anteriormente, el significado de la expresión francesa c'est la vie, es «así es la vida». Está formada por c'est: que a su vez es una contracción de ce y est. Ce es un pronombre que indica algo que no es determinado y en español se puede traducir como «eso». La correlación más cercana es el pronombre inglés it.

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How to pronounce c'est la vie. How to say c'est la vie. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Learn more. The definition of C'est la vie is that's life; such is life. See additional meanings and similar words.